Emtza Kinnus Info 2002

Please read over all of the materials carefully.

Important COVID-19 Information:
In order to attend EMTZA’s Fall Kinnus, you MUST have a series of 2 negative COVID rapid tests in the 24 hours before the event. One test should be taken 24 hours before arrival on Thursday and one test taken Friday prior to leaving for the event (home tests are acceptable). Once you have your results, please write your name and the date on the test, simply snap a picture of your negative results and email them to usyhealth@uscj.org. Please make sure to include the participants name and that it is from the EMTZA Convention in the email. You will do the same process twice (once on Thursday and once on Friday). If you are taking a bus to convention, bus captains will confirm that both tests have been received before you are able to board the bus. If you are going to meet directly at the hotel, we will confirm both tests during registration. All tests will need to be confirmed prior to being able to attend the convention. For updated information on our COVID-19 protocols, please visit our website at https://www.usy.org/covidprotocol.

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, please be reminded that per CDC guidelines, masks are encouraged but not required for this event. If you are not feeling well on the day of the event or have a positive COVID diagnosis, please refrain from attending the event.

Throughout the weekend, we will be taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All participants and staff at the convention will be vaccinated and tested negative twice for COVID-19. As a reminder, in sending your teen to the convention you are confirming that they are in good health. If your USYer is not feeling well prior to convention, please do not send them to convention and reach out to Darren or Julie to discuss and make any necessary arrangements.

Please note that the following forms (if any are listed) are incomplete and must be completed before attending:

To complete these forms (if any are listed) please click this link to log back into the Regpack system and login using your account with username: ebujii3@gmail.com

A note about medication:
Teens will be self-medicating during our event. Please only bring prescribed medication, with your name on it, to convention. If you want medication managed by a staff member (optional): Please send all medication in their original containers (prescription and over the counter) sealed in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name clearly written on the bag and a list of instructions for taking the medication. Only send enough for the convention. One of our staff members will hold the medication and supervise the taking by the participant.


Transportation for all of EMTZA Region USY events are organized by local chapters. If you haven’t received the transportation information, it will be sent soon from your local youth directors.

Kinnus will be taking place at Camp Friendship 10509 108th St NW, Annandale, MN 55302

Kinnus will begin at 2pm on Friday and end at 11am on Sunday

Throughout the weekend, if you need to be in touch with us, please reach out to Darren Klein dklein@uscj.org, 818-231-9941 or Julie Marder marder@uscj.org, 847-899-3296.


Currently the forecast is calling for highs in the low 20’s and lows in the low-10’s. Please make sure to pack accordingly!


  • TOILETRIES – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap/shampoo, towels
  • WARM CLOTHES – jeans, sweats, sweaters, jackets, socks, shoes, pajamas, etc.
  • SHABBAT CLOTHES- You will need two Shabbat outfits (one for Friday night and one for Saturday morning). Please see the note below regarding Shabbat dress attire.
  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT FOR FREE TIME – football, frisbee, etc.
  • RUACH (Spirit) – this is a must in order to have a great time!
  • TZEDAKAH – Self-explanatory & very important. Don’t forget your spare change — there will be many opportunities to donate over the course of the weekend! Venmo acct. works too
  • MONEY FOR SATURDAY NIGHT – Mall of America- The first part of Saturday night will be at the Nickelodeon Universe located at the Mall of America. USYers can bring money to purchase dairy/vegetarian snacks will we are there. Camp Friendship- After Nickelodeon Universe, there will be opportunities to purchase regalia (items run from $0.50 – $30) As an FYI, each chapter generally brings t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. to sell.
  • A Note about Phones: We DO allow participants to bring phones and/or other electronic devices. We ask that phones are not used during the middle of programming or Shabbat to help create our sense of community. We do encourage pictures at all other times throughout the convention.
  • Please Note: Please only bring ONE (1) suitcase per person.
  • Please note that you do NOT need to bring linens/towels/pillows/blankets. The camp will be providing a linen pack that includes sheets, blankets, towel, pillow, and pillowcase!


Basic Standards of Dress
– Kavod (dignity or respect) should be embodied in USYers’ attire.
– Clothing on which profanity or inappropriate language, pictures, or symbols are written, printed, or depicted is prohibited.
– Clothing cannot be made of see-through material and undergarments should not be visible.
– Clothing, including bathing suits, should be of an appropriate length such that a person’s private areas are adequately covered and not accentuated, not because they are bad, but because they are private.

Shabbat Dress Attire: To celebrate and mark the important distinction between Shabbat and the weekday, Shabbat dress attire is required. The following attire is acceptable for Shabbat:
– Slacks, khakis, dresses or skirts
– Blouses, collared shirts or sweaters with sleeves
– Dress shoes or sandals
– Religious head covering
– Religious Garb

Convention is a time when we come together to practice Judaism as a community, sharing common traditions and trying new experiences. Each participant is expected and encouraged to bring and use a head covering at appropriate times, and tallit and tefillin at shacharit (morning) services. We recognize that you may not own these items. Please be in touch with your synagogue Rabbi or chapter youth director to borrow tallit and tefilin. We will strive to have extras available as well. There will be USYers and staff available to help those who need any guidance in putting on these ritual items.

Please contact Darren Klein dklein@uscj.org with any questions.
We can’t wait to see you on Friday, December 2nd!

Danit Rothstein
Darren Klein